How can I share photos from my trip on the forum?

Let me know if there are ways to do that. Please copy & paste each link in your browser. I have visited Bangkok and kaula Lumpur recently
Please write jpg correctly at the end of each link

Currently images cannot be embedded in the forum, but you are free to post links as you have been doing. May I suggest using or something similar to shorten the URLs?

By the way, the first picture you posted – in front of the Petronas Towers – is pretty remarkable!

Alex, I don’t know how to shorten these links. I signed up at but there are some issues with the website

You can use without registering if you like. Just copy the URL of the original link and paste it in the box on Click “Shorten” and it will automatically copy the shortened URL. You can replace the URLs in here with the URL.

I wonder when will LingQ allow longer links in the forum. It would be sooooooo easy for LingQ to do the shortening within its forum software:

in PHP:

function TinyURL($url) {
return file_get_contents(‘’ . $url);

This function returns a short link to $url. Easy, isn’t it???

Try it, this creates a short version of the link to this thread:

Result → ← (this thread)