How can I save the lessons to a folder?

I know that we can save the lessons to playlists but what I want is to save them to different folders , and review them when I want. I want to classsify the lessons I finish. How can I do that ?

One way is to save them in courses. You can have one course for all the lessons in a particular grouping, and then make a second course for completed lessons. You can move the lessons from one course to another in “edit lesson.” But in each course you can already see which lessons you’ve already studied… And you can add and remove lessons from “continue studying.” So there are multiple ways. Hope that helps.

sorry for bothering. But it seems that I can’t create courses for the lessons I see on the main page. I guess I can only create courses for imported lessons or what ? Can you tell exactly how can I create a course which includes let’s say two different lessons from the main page ?

Oh! I mostly just use lessons I import myself, so I didn’t realize you can’t do that with other lessons. You’re right, I don’t see a way to organize lessons from the main page, other than using playlists.