How can I print a lesson in color with the words highlighted?

Is there anyway I can print the lesson in color with the words highlighted in yellow and blue?

When I try to print a lesson, all the yellow and blue words disappear, and there a slight underline under the known words. Ideally, I could print to a color printer or print to a PDF with the highlights.

I’m temporarily working around the problem by displaying the lesson and taking a screen shot and pasting that into Word and then printing it, but it doesn’t work well for multi page documents.

I would be curious to know how it helps you to know that word A is yellow and word B is blue if you cannot ‘click’ on them to see what they mean…
For the price of 3-4 colour cartridges for printer you can obtain an entry level Android tablet or an e-reader and this will probably solve your initial problem. Alternatively I’ve used a system where I go through printed (black & white) page and either circle or underline specific words / phrases with pencil. Underline here could equal yellow, circle - blue / or phrase…
Curious to read your response. All the best!

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My best Russian teacher would always tell me it’s better to write than it is to type, and to engage in the language and not just passively listen and read. So, I’m taking another strong charge at learning Russian, and I’m finally taking her advise. I’m doing a lot dictation and interaction with the text. For the lingq lessons, I print them, and then I write the base word above any declined nouns, I write their question words above them, о чём? чего? etc., and I’ll write the English translation. I have an android tablet and have used it since the first Beta. Besides wanting the highlights, the lesson views looks so much better than the text printed view. So, I’ll likely print the lesson to PDF, then import in the word, and change the font, highlight myself in word, or print it and use a highlighter for now.

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I see what you mean.Just for reference, I tried to use Print Preview and see if I get the same as you - I do. Confirmed. These are the steps I took: Chrome Browser - > open the lesson → view in Classic view → change to ‘Hover mode’ → [File → Print]
This looks pretty decent in Print Preview except as you said, the blue and yellow are missing. I do see colours in other parts of the page though.

Try taking a screenshot and printing that

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