How can I listen to the actual audio of a video without the robotic voice?

Hello, I uploaded a video from YouTube and also uploaded the audio track to the YouTube file. Both work great when I open the lesson and watch the video. But, if I try to play only the audio and not watch the accompanying video, it does not use the audiotrack and instead reverts to a robot-generated voice. I just want to be able to listen to the original speaker, without having to watch the video.

I get the same issue when I try to listen to the video in the playlist- it plays the robot audio instead of the audio track that I uploaded with it.

Do you have any advice to fix this? Thank you!

Hmm. I do this all the time. I upload the audio to the lesson, then add the lesson to a playlist, then play it on the iOS app.

Maybe generated audio got created first somehow?? I’d suggest going to “edit lesson”. Hit the trash can icon on the left side above where it says “generate timestamps” to delete the audio. Click save (and maybe exit the lesson for good measure). Then go back to “edit lesson” and upload the audio again. Then click generate timestamps. Save and exit the lesson again entirely, then go back in.


This was the solution!! Thank you SO much!

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