How can I know if anyone is using a content I created?

I added some content in Portuguese and I have no clue of it is being used or not, can I see some kind of statistics about them?

Choose the language where you have imported contents, in your case Portuguese, then go on Import section.
You can see on the right of the page, under Active assignments, search…and View. Choose View by items and you’ll be able to see all the items you have uploaded, how many times they have been taken and even used.

I’m also trying to do the same and I can’t do it.

The screen only shows me the Demo on the left side of the screen and there are no results on the right despite the fact that I can see my content “SSL4YOU Spanish Segunda Lengua” there.
Can you see the statistics??


First of all many thanks for letting use your excellent material.

Unfortunately you can only see the usage of content that you have uploaded yourself. Since, in this case we uploaded it from here, you cannot see when it is used. We could send you a report from time to time if you wish.

We plan to upload one or two of your items per week for the next little while, if that is OK.

In future we may create a category for content cooperators who allow us to upload content, to enable them to also see the popularity of their content. We do not have time to change the system to do that now.

One other thing. We are going to edit your sound files and only upload the sound portion that corresponds to the transcribed texts. We will edit the footer to explain that additional audio content and grammatical exercises on this item is available from your blog. If you have wording you would like us to use please let me know. Spanish only is OK, up to you. This is your content. However, we really need all of our sound to correspond to the text that the learner can read and use for study.

If you have ideas or comments on the appearance of your content, images or wording you would like to use, please let me know. If you want to take over uploading the content that is fine too.