How can I have words translation?

Hi, I just start using LingQ but it seem I can’t do LingQ and I can’t have the words translated.
I did a first lesson and everything seemed to work OK, but after that every time I click on a word I have a message that tell me that I need to become a premium member, even if I don’t try to make a LingQ. I can read and listen a lesson but I can’t have it translated.
I have deleted all the LingQs that I had made, but I still receive that message.
How does it work?
Thank you for your help.

I apologize for my English, I’m trying to improve it :slight_smile:

The number of LingQs for Free accounts is only 20.

Thank you for your reply, but I had understood that, right now I have 0 LingQ and still can’t use it.

Deleting LingQs does not create room for more LingQs. Once you hit your limit of 20 you must upgrade to see hint information and to create LingQs.

Ok, now I understand.
Thank you

@frrr7 - It actually sounds like you might be clicking on the Google Translate button. This is only available for Premium members. Instead, as a Free user you will need to select user hints (with the green + button on them) or click on “Search dictionary” to look the word up in the dictionary. As Mark mentions above, Free users are able to create 20 LingQs and then must upgrade in order to continue creating LingQs.