How can I get rid of from too many "I"s?

Statistics and psychological investigations show that all people on the earth tend to use many "I"s in their speech. I’m not going to explain origins.:slight_smile: But I have a question. How can I get rid of this? Or is it necessary to do it or not? And why?

English seems to force me use “I” more often than Russian, since the English grammer always requires an object. “I” like it!

“I” have got an idea of a modest writting style writting without using “I”. Write e.g. like this: Nasir is not going to explain origins.:slight_smile: But Nasir has a question. How can Nasir get rid of this? :slight_smile:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Ilya, the result remains the same. :slight_smile: The second variant seems quite terrible:)))

Can I use in this way? For example, “I’m going to the shop and listening my ipod.”

Sometimes Ytaka finds the tweeter as destructive as LingQ and finds the agreement with the present writter

The present writer meant distractive, not destructive! LingQ makes us only better.

My high school English teacher always said that using “I” was poor style and lowered our marks for doing it. She said the same for “very”, “really” and the passive voice.

Nasir, if your greatest problem in English is that you use too many "I"s, you will be on your way to remarkable fluency. Don’t worry about it.