How can I delete or edit my tags?


I couldn’t find how can I delete or edit some of my tags.
Is it accessible for members?


Hi Jürgen, you can only add or delete tags for a LingQ. As long as a tag is related to a LingQ it is there. If you delete a tag from your LingQs it disappears.

when I click Vocabulary, I see all my tags and I’d like to delete some of them which are empty, with no inhalt. Or, I’d like to change the name of a tag. How can I do it?

To the best of my knowledge you cannot delete or edit your tags. We will eventually improve this feature.

Thank you Steve, as long as improving takes, perhaps could Mark’s team delete 3 tags (“genie”, snake", “of” ) from my Chinese account? Would be nice.

@junair - We aren’t going to delete tags from your account but we will look into removing the tags from the Tags list on the Vocabulary page when no terms are associated with those tags.

Thank you Mark. However, I believe that self-management of the own tags would be useful for efficient learning.