How can I delete collections from "My collections"?

Is there a way to delete collections from “My collections”?
I have - for example - already removed all lessons (one by one) of “Greetings and Goodbyes” from “My library” in Spanish, but it still shows up in “My collections”. Meanwhile there are lots of Beginner collections in “My collections” which I don’t need anymore.

We’ll look into this. It’s possible that these only update once every 12 hours or so when the Library is updated. Has it been a while since you deleted the lessons?

When you say you removed lessons from your My Lessons, do you mean you have deleted them or archived them? In either case, I’m not sure that collections can be removed from My Collections. We will have to look into this.

Thanks for the quick response!

I deleted the lessons from “My Lessons” about a week ago. It seems that it’s not possible to remove whole collections. That means, if you learn a language from scratch up to an intermediate or even advanced level (and you like to work with many different lessons just like me), you’ll have one day umpteen collections you don’t need anymore. That makes it more difficult to find the collections you are working on.

This should now be fixed. Collections that have no active lessons will now no longer display on the My Collections shelf. Let us know if you encounter any problems!

The problem is solved, now. Thanks four your effort!