How can I clean up the silly stuff?

I asked earlier how we can get rid of all of at least some of the junk on the main library page. And get things we import, like books with lots of chapters, organized and easy to find. Apparently it can’t be done. Pity.

Ok, so how do I get rid of the silly streaks? I tried setting the goal to insane, 400 coins, whatever that means, so I wouldn’t start a streak. But no, I did. Let me guess, no can do….

Lingq developers, A+ core reader functionality, D- for organizational and overall professional environment.

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100% Agree. Although I didn’t mention this among my objections if my recent (but still lonely) post last week “Missing the Old LingQ.” My focus was on a some core functionality drawbacks to the new system ie more required “page turning” instead of scrolling, and a handicapping of the keyboard shortcuts to zip through the highlight words. For example, you used to be able to use start on a blue word and then quickly go through with the arrow keys and pressing x to ignore the word or enter/return to lingq it (with the most common definition). As a long time user of LingQ, before this latest updgrade, I used the older “classic” view I think it was called for years after the design changes.

Among the things I really liked about that older look was home much cleaner and more organized it was, even by default. After spending a few months away from LingQ, I was trying to show someone how to use it and thanks to the switch I basically couldn’t so they didn’t bother signing up because it didn’t seem as easy as I had made it sound. And nowadays, it truly isn’t.

Finally, one thing that has ALWAYS sucked about LingQ is how poorly the search function is and even the sorting functions for your lessons, especially imports.

Honestly the body of the main page should just have a simple interface with all your recently opened lessons/courses and away to click into the library and search on your own and then maybe some suggested material (or not). They have really gotten way to carried away with the feeds of live and other recommend material.

We really need to get back to basics.


Thanks for your feedback. We appreciate it and we will do our best to improve things.


There is a setting so that you don’t get a pop up when you achieve your daily score goal. That may help.