How can I change settings on my new profile page?

Now I noticed LingQ had a significant change on the site. By the way “Activities bar” has my Twitter and Facebook accounts on it. I’ve not done anything on setting for this. And looking around my friends page, this seems to be happning to me only. Would you tell me how I change this setting like other people?

@cherry6120 - That is a button which pops up settings to control what you share. You must turn on sharing to Facebook and Twitter and connect your accounts in order to enable sharing on these sites. You only see that button on your own Profile.

Mark! Thank you for your quick reply as usual. I think I am one of the most frequent questioners about the things everybody else knows obviously.

Congratulations on this significant improvement on LingQ.

No problem, cherry! I haven’t yet announced this change since we are just working out a few wrinkles. :slight_smile: It just went up today.