How can I attach a conversation?

The site says I don´t have a conversation yet. But I just did.

Hi crisolinda,

Do you mean you don’t see the conversation in the Attach Conversation dialogue box? Or, do you mean you already spoke with your tutor?

I had my conversation with my tutor yet (today, December 8th, 2 p.m.). But when I try to attach it, I can´t. I am trying to follow the 5th step on my course. Does that mean I only can attach a conversation BEFORE it? The site says you have no conversation yet.

Exactly. You must attach the conversation before it takes place. Then after you complete the conversation, task 5 will be completed. Sorry for the confusion. The Attach Conversation button will show you all conversations that you are currently signed up for but have not completed.

Ok, thanks for answering.