How are your referrals going?

I collect 1000 points every month from my referrals. How are you referrals going?

With our new introductory lessons in each language, including the offer of a free discussion upon completion of these short lessons, it may be easier to get your friends started at LingQ.

I’ve added the banner to my blog and to my facebook. Also I added a LingQ in my youtube profile. Under my emails also appears a link to LingQ.

Now I’ve noticed is that one member seems to use one of these referrals to sign up on LingQ and I earned my first 200 points. I don’t know which of all those things have worked.

But I noticed that two of my friends created an account. I recommended them LingQ via email. They are still free members but they don’t appear on the list of my referrals where you can see which recommendations I did.

I’ve recommended LingQ to some people giving them my ref. link. They all have signed up but no one of them has become a paying member.

Mine come from my badges on my blog.

I recommend the LingQ on my websites about English and I will also write an article about the LingQ - about all possibilities that the LingQ offers and I will try to explain it everything on that article. I hope that some of Czech will register at the LingQ…we will see.

I didn’t realise the referrals were tied in with the badges…clever!

Where should we paste the html on our Facebook pages to make the badge display?

Hi Helen, here you find an explanation in German: LingQ / LingQ Banner bei facebook

Here’s the English version from the original thread on the badges:

Here’s how I was able to add the badges from my LingQ profile to my Facebook page.

  1. Go to the Profile HTML application in Facebook (Redirecting...) and add it your Facebook page
  2. Go to the application and paste your banner code from LingQ into the Profile Box tab.
  3. I found that I had to reduce the width of the badges to get them to fit in the sidebar which I did by adding width=“180” to the code right in front of border=“0”.

I’ve referred several people here. Whether they became paying members or not, I don’t know.

For me it’s been a complete disaster! I actually just saw I only got one to visit the website. The others didn’t even bother to go to LingQ! altough I explained how the website works and they ALL said it is fantastic. That they were going to look into it “when they had the time”.

I am in a Time Bank (organised by my townhall) and I’m going to teach how to learn a language online here at LingQ. Let’s see how it goes.

What can we do to make these referrals more successful. We have introduced the introductory lessons and other steps to make it easier to understand.

Berta, it would be great to get a video of you making the presentation. I am going to look into making presentations. Maybe others can do this?

mmm Steve I think I’m a bit too shy for that :frowning:

I recognized that two friends of me signed up for a free membership. I gave them the Link but they don’t appear on the referral page (like other members).

Maybe sometimes the system don’t keep track? It should be possible to add a users name as a referral at the moment when members upgrading there account. That would be better. Maybe the “500 points” for the upgrade should be related to such a referral.

I read on ones wall that he recommended LingQ, the user signed up but he doesn’t earn points because the relation was lost. This could frustrate users.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect system. We track the referral upon registration. Either the new registrant has clicked on a referral url and the referrer is automatically captured or they can enter the username of the referrer on the registration page. It shouldn’t be possible to not have one or the other of these situations arise. We will check into it but the system does seem to be working for the most part. For us to track referrers after the fact is just not something we can do at the moment.

What kind of presentation would it be, Steve?

What I was thinking of was a presentation on how to learn languages via the Web, and explaining this with LingQ as the core. Ideally we can have a computer going and project or connect to a larger screen. If all goes well I will ask Mark to film it and put it up on Youtube.

I will be thinking about this. I may even invest in the iPad and use the iPad in the demonstration to take advantage of the PR buzz and also because I think that touch screen usage may be more convenient than mousing.

It is still early days as far as planning. I am interested in the ideas of others on this.

Maybe you can put some short video testimonials in the beginning of the video presentation like:
“Hi, My name is … and I am using Lingq for improving my Japanese”.
“Hi, My name is … and because I am always busy, I learn German through Internet using Lingq”
“Hi, My name is … I learn French trough my Ipod using Lingq”

Or something like that.
Just an idea.