How are read words counted in the new version of LingQ?

I don’t quite understand how read words are counted in the new version of Lingq. What does that 1.3 mean? Is it the number of times I read the lesson? Could someone explain to me how this new system works?

1.3 means you read it 1.3 times. If you flipped back and read some pages again for example you’ll end up reading certain passages more than once.
If you read the text twice, it will say 2x etc .

Same is true for listening fyi

I believe the flipping back, even if accidental, will count the page as read. Also, after I finished reading a lesson, it did not revert to the beginning. So when I reopened it, it count the last page I read, before I was able to move back to the front. In my opinion, the auto read function is not a benefit. Somehow, my lesson showed I read it 7 times so I had to change it back, and also the counter in my profile for the day showed I had read over 30000 words and the lesson was on just around 5k so I had to adjust both the number of times read and the total words. If I open a new lesson the cycle starts over. I liked the stats feature in the past, but it is becoming a bother now as it is too much trouble to maintain even a remote degree of accuracy due to automatic counting on page flips. a toggle switch to turn this on or off would be nice, like you have on the feature of changing words to known on page flips. Otherwise, auto counting words read on page flips is most certainly not a feature for me, and is actually a large negative now. On the bright side, I think the “known” words counter still works normally so I guess that is a consolation.