How am I suppose to learn German with the Free Version?

I’m only 5 days away from completing the third level of Pimsleur German and am looking to improve it after I’m done with the third level.

I’m looking at your courses and it seems disorganized how am I suppose to learn this way?

Is there a guide to learning with the free program?

Vielen dank for Ihr Antwort.

go to the German Forum and ask there your questions.
I will look to give you answers.

again to kengibson2001
if you are familiar with German, you can go ín the store an in the category “LingQ”.
There you can find for each card (Overview, Store, Work and so on) a description.
If you have the feeling from disorganizing, it isn’t. Yes it is another method as you know, but I can tell you, this system is better!
I speak for me because I see my improvement in English (I am German)
Again, if you need for German, go in the German forum and I will give you answers there.

Sorry Irene, I too have the impression that the store is disorganized also - the level do not really correspond to the learning type