How about providing some more content?

Vera described how she has crated a lot of content in another thread here. The other day I spoke to a member who pays for all her conversations with the content she has provided in Spanish and English.

We need more content, especially in Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Swedish, and Portuguese. All you efforts are appreciated. And you continue to earn points from this content, once it is put up.

I want to really thank those who are giving us excellent content.


Actually I don’t understand so much about author rights and I’d like to ask a question:

How about Youtube videos, are they protected by copyright?

I’m asking this because there’s a website ( that is focused on help people from different coutries to learn english. And they use videos from Youtube.

Someone makes a script for the video and then someone translates it in another language. There are transcripts in Portuguese, Spanish, Japanise, Chinese, German…

All of the members of yappr are allowed to put a video.

Nowadays Youtube is one of the websites more popular of the world. There are lots of contents there in lots of differents languages and it would be great if we were allowed to use videos from there.

I was thinking, even if we can’t put the videos, we can make the transcript and put a link for the video.


We use audio and text here at LingQ, although we could link to video. I think that if we wanted to share something from youtube we would have to ask the people who created the content for permission. If yo wan to use it for your own study there is no problem, you can just import it.


I 've got some Spanish, Italian and Chinese friends which I can ask them to make some courses for LingQ.
Also I have some Scottish friends that they told me they could make some courses to show Scottish accent, expressions etc. if you think that would be of any interest.

I was wondering the same as Learning_English - if it’s ok to make a transcript for a video or audio from some website and provide the link. And if it’s ok do we still have to ask permission for that?


We would love to content from all of your friends. If they can record conversations, or their thoughts on different subjects or content about their countries’ history, food, or whatever, it is all welcome. Scottish accented English would be great!

If you use material from another website, record a text, or transcribe and audio file, and want to share it, you have to ask for permission. If you import it for your own use, there is no problem. You may do what Vera did, and offer to transcribe some podcast and make the podcast available to the podcasters in exchange for using their material, and perhaps a mention of LingQ.


Thanks for the elucidation.

I’ll look for the most popular videos in Portuguese on Youtube and I’ll use them as an inspiration to create something to share at lingQ.

And then, maybe I’ll put the link for the videos at the description, only for further information.

Congratulations Vera!
422 items in 5 months!!!

Yes, talk about dedication! I’ll see what I can come up with when I’m back from my holiday. Considering the fact that I managed to earn points for German content uploaded just a few days before the “bonus point calculation” definitely inspires me to record something myself.