Hover and Click Submenu

We just pushed an updated navigation to the site. Many of you have been asking to have access to the submenu bar without having to click the main navigation tab first. We didn’t do this initially because we wanted to make sure new people didn’t click around and get confused. But it is slightly inconvenient when you know where you want to go.

We have come up with a good compromise. We have now changed the menu so that if you hover for .5 seconds on the main tab (Courses, Community) the submenu appears and can be clicked on.

I’ve recognized this feature yesterday and I think it is a really good solution.
Thank you

I was pleased to notice this new feature. It is very good. Thanks!

Very useful, thanks!

Excellent. Thank’s


Just one thing, I can’t hide the info box and get a javascript error at line 602, “Placard undefined”.

Sorry, Jeff. That should be fixed now.