Hours of listening wacko

I find strange things happening to my recorded hours of listening. Sometimes it goes negative (someone removed memories from my brain?) or adds a large number. It makes it hard to keep track.

Do you currently use the iPhone app to listen to your lessons? This is currently the only automated tracking we do of listening, so everything else is done manually (adjusting the times listened or manually adding time via the profile page). Have you entered negative times in through the profile page by chance?

I don’t use an iPhone app. I do add listening times manually through the profile page, usually the time is less than one hour. As far as I know I have not entered large positive or negative listening times, except to correct these seemingly random changes.

I see, so it may be some overcorrection of some sort. If you look at your stats for 2 weeks it’s fine, but for 1 month it’s -16 hours, then for 3 months it’s 31 hours. I might recommend just fixing it now by adding in an additional 16-20 hours of listening time. While it’ll be incorrect for this week, it should correct the negative that appears for the last month and should have a more accurate overall representation for your all time stats.