I really enjoy using lingq making use of hotkeys and all, makes the process faster and more agile, but i’ve stepped onto some problem for quite a while now. Like, I can use it for some time, but then it stops altogether and I’ve got to refresh the page and all. It actually breaks the rythm when it happens too many times. Is it a thing about my notebook configurations? Or is it a Lingq thing? Is it fixable?

This happens to me if I press two keys too quickly one after the other. Hitting a number to boost the level of a word immediately after accepting a hint is the most common failure scenario for me. A fix is needed, but until then you need to be careful about just how quickly you hit those keys.

Oh, I see. That’s unfortunate then. It’s hard to be cautious when you’re eager and studying a language you know some vocab already. Thanks, Khardy.

Yes I’ve wondered if maybe the coin animation briefly has focus or something?

I feel like occasionally I have had really bad luck with it, and switching to a different browser actually did help.

You can also just “Refresh” the browser if ever the key commands stop working. That’s what I do.