Hot household tips - a bit of random neighbourly chat

It’s hot out here, and I hear it’s hot in a lot of places (in the northern hemisphere these days). What do you do to cool down at home?
I grew up in Winnipeg (mid-continent, land of extreme cold and heat) and I remember sleeping in the basement as a kid to escape the heat. The heat would be so intense that we couldn’t walk barefoot outside on the black asphalt. The tar they used to fix up the frost-heaved roads would bubble and melt into a gooey rubbery mess which we liked to make into balls.

When I was in Quebec, pregnant and without air-conditioning a few summers back, I resorted to drenching my top sheet in water before I went to sleep.

I pretend not to notice it (the heat), and air the apartment daily. I also have a fan running 24/7 and generally try not to go outside.

I think it gets really hot and cold here, but in reality it’s nothing compared to the Northern Hemisphere :D. Today it’s actually the perfect day, I feel like it’s spring… but knowing NZ weather it could be windy and rainy by the time it gets dark. Does it get very humid during summer where you’re from?

Vegas is a dry heat. Which means that it doesn’t feel as bad as some of the more humid places in the world, but I can tell you 45 degrees celcius feels like 110 degrees F no matter how ‘dry’ the heat is.

On the coast in BC, there is always a cool ocean breeze, especially in Sooke! Since we moved here from Victoria (45 minutes away) we notice a big temperature difference. My husband (and family - like MANY Canadians) make a pastime of talking about the weather. There is a weather watch program in the schools here and my husband consults their website daily. He can tell you the climate trends each neighbourhood!

Regarding fans, my dad’s advice is to open 2 windows on opposite sides of the houses so that a cross breeze can be created, then blow the fan OUT one of the window, creating vacuum. The air will be pulled from across the house and a lovely breeze keeps you cool all day. This, however, may not work for those living in noisy, polluted locales.

On the coast, despite the rainforest, we are not very humid (at least, not in the summer). In central Canada - ie Toronto aka “the centre of the universe” it is very hot and humid!

I’d like to dedicate “Smooth” to anyone out there sweating away…

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Haha! Yea I love dry heat, it’s the best. Unfortunately in summer here it gets SO humid and a lot of the time there isn’t even any wind. I can handle heat, just not when it’s so muggy. Winter isn’t so bad, it’s a lot more dry (apart from the rain). The only thing is most houses don’t have central heating and unless you live in the CBD of a big city (Auckland and Wellington I would say are big cities, even though for you guys they probably aren’t :P) you probably live in an old house that isn’t insulated… so it can get a little cold :slight_smile:

Blindside… Vegas? You should feel it here in Henderson NV! Usually 2 or 3 degrees hotter (heh-heh!), small world isn’t it?

Yes it is a small world, but Henderson may as well be on the other side of it as far as I’m concerned, when ever I’m over there I get lost and feel like I’m in Bizzaro World. On my side of town Eastern and Pecos are bad neighborhoods… not so in Henderson… bizarre…

We don’t really have much weather in England. Most of the year it is between 10 and 25 degrees, cloudy with some beeze and a good chance of rain. Summer is when you leave your raincoat in your car instead of wearing it :wink:

When we get the occasional heatwave people don’t know how to react. We don’t drink enough, we don’t stay in the shade and then we wonder why we get heatstroke.

It was surprisingly warm and sunny today. I almost got it right. I drank plenty, wore sunglasses and a hat. I did forget to put sun lotion on though.

Japan is very humid and hot, too. the place I live is near the beach. So I have sea breeze coming toward my house and that helps me to survive summer without an air conditioner. Well, what I do is that I try to wake up before the sunrise. I read somewhere that if you wake up early enough, your body adjust the heat gradually, and you don’t feel as hot as you wake up in the heat. I wake up around 4:30 to 5:00 am now and take my dogs for a walk. During the day time, I open all the windows and keep the fan direct to me. I close all curtain to prevent the sunshine come in to the house.

It is counterintuitive, but I have found it is better to close all the windows in the house when it is hot… during the day. As long as at night you leave them all open. I traps the cool night air inside

Oh yeah. When we do get the odd heatwave, it is usually cooler in the house than outside, at least during the day…Then we have to leave all the windows open at night and hope the 3 year old doesn’t decide to climb out of one :wink: