Hoping to get help with Korean!

I know there’s a separate section for Skype conversation requests, but this forum says we can talk about ‘anything’, right?! Ha!

So! I began learning Korean last early Summer, but there were multiple times when I would just give up or would be too busy with daily issues and university.

Since it’s Summer again and I’m free nearly every day, every time, I’d like to use this opportunity to learn and practice Korean diligently with someone, whether it’s a mother language or they’re simple fluent in it. Gender, race, age really don’t matter to me as long as my Korean improves and we have a good time. =)

My timeline is GMT+3 and skype username is “kkthxbaibai”.

저랑 이야기할수있죠 뭐 ㅋ 스카이프 아이디 추가해 볼게요 ㅋ