HOME - Yann Arthus Bertrand - Wonderful input

While improving your language you are learning, please take 1h33min to watch on Youtube this wonderful movie - HOME - in HD.

You will find in several version :
French : HOME (FR) - YouTube
English : HOME - YouTube

More versions are available too.

Next week I will organise a conversation in French, I think it is worth to speak about this film and the subjet it is about.

Have a good movie.

Oh, Cécile ! Merci pour le ligne ! Je suis en train de regarder !

Je t’en prie. Je l’avais déjà vu en français, et hier j’ai commencé à le regarder en anglais. J’adore toujours autant.

J’aime bien le filme-là ! Et je l’ai vu deux fois.

HOME is a great film, thanks for reminding me Cecile, I hadn’t seen it in a while.

I love those beautiful aerial shots, they’re absolutely gorgeous.

If anyone wants to see another brilliant thought-provoking film, check out:

The End of Poverty

It’s also good for some language learning practice as it’s partially in Spanish, French and Portuguese besides English.

Thanks revolutionrob. This documentary is intense.

Baraka is wonderful as well. However the movie is without words. :-))