Holy cow of Moscow, this guy is great!

He does twenty-four different English accents, and this is the best I’ve seen so far:

Wow! Super! Thanks for posting this.

I knew about Amy and her 21 accents but this one’s even better. He’s really great!

Some of the accents in this video are actually well wide of the mark, in my opinion. (The Welsh, Irish, Scottish, Manchester, Liverpool, and ‘posh British’ accents all sounded very artificial to me.)

On the other hand, some of the others were really excellent. The London accents all sounded 100% spot-on to me. And I just loved his US Southern States and New York Mafioso efforts!

This was creepy. I thought of this very clip five minutes ago - I haven’t watched it for a long time, and didn’t remember the name of the clip - and now I see this thread…

He’s about the best I’ve seen/heard. I like all of his London accents, Irish #2, Aussie and the US Southern accent.

Have to agree with Rank on this one, while his London ones were perfect (not too surprising considering he is from there) some of his others were a bit off the mark but overall not bad.

As for “rural Glaswegian variant” for his Scottish accent, um… Nope. It’s not a very consistent accent and not much like a Glaswegian based one. For a start we very rarely pronounce a “t” at the end of a word, we almost always use a glottal stop.

I liked his South African and Nigerian. These I find particularly hard to imitate.

thanks for this, his aussie is actually not too bad (for a pom), that NY mafia one was classic