Holiday Offer

I´m thinking about upgrading my plan from Basic to Plus, and get an annual subscription saving the 20% of the Holiday offer. But i don´t find how can I do this.

In my acount page I can upgrade my membership or buy a 6-month membership, but i don´t see this Holiday offer.

Could anyone help me?

@tichco - Sure, just click on the button next to Plus then select the 12-month option in the popup. Be sure to enter the code “holiday2012” as well when upgrading. If you have any further questions let us know.

Hi Alex, when i click on the button next to Plus, the message in the popup says this:

" Confirm upgrade for PLUS Membership
We have recently upgraded our payment system. To move to the new system you need to upgrade your account again. You will be charged today in the new system and any remaining credit in your account will be refunded. If you have any concerns, contact

Your upgrade will take place on your next billing date. "

This popup doesn´t show the 12-month option, and if i enter the code “holiday2012” says invalid.

@tichco - I’ve gone ahead and sent you an email with more information about this.

If anyone else has questions specific to their account feel free to email us at support (at) Thanks!