Hitomi's Nihongo Course. Part1

Hi everyone. I follow Mairo’s way of making a new course.
Many thanks to Mairo, you inspired me greatly.
I think your course is brilliant!

Here is the link for the Japanese course made by me;
I’d love to hear as many opinions as possible.
It is only a begining and there are rooms for improvement.
I need your voice for the better future!
Thank you.


I listened to this and then I started sining…
♪ あの人、悪魔!私をとりこにする ♬

Let’s see my BEGINNER Japanese textbooks has THESE words in it’s pronunciation guide (all within the first ten pages):




OK, I am going to stop there…I can go on and on

but yes Hitomi, you did a much better job of providing a list of UESFUL words for very very beginers than Dr. Jordan with her 20 years of research and experance who created “arguebly the most important contribution to Japanese linguistics since ‘Martin’s A Reference of Japanese Grammar’ which appeared in 1975…”

Hitomi, you were much better… your voice was more exciting, and you give a list of useful expressions for beginners. What I recommend for your next lesson is to only give about 10 words for the pronunciation, and try to make sentences using the words which appeared in your first lesson.

now lets sing
♬ ah- ah-devil! my sweet little devil, ooo-ooo-ooo やさしい悪魔♩


やさしい悪魔、キャンディーズね。I was amazed you know such an old song.
I think it was released back in 70’s! Now you can see them on Youtube or similar, can’t you. Amazing.

Thank you for your comment. I will definitly take your advise in consideration.
As you kindly listed up above, all those Kanji are not attractive nor interesting, aren’t they.

What I want to do in my course is to let people realize learning Japanese isn’t only a struggling, nightmarish experience but fun.
I am not expecting people to memorize all the words.
Instead, I want to make them feel the language to start with.

If you are to become interested in something, you want to know more naturally.
You may want to study bit more later on, but first of all it is better to have the very basic idea in a easy, stress-free way.

Await for any comments, good and bad both very much welcome!


I like the way you are playful with your voice and explanations like Yaaaawn. It keeps me interested - it takes me back to my childhood days when my teachers used to teach me English. (English is my native language). I have a very short attention span but you are right, the lesson is very stress-free so it was easy to listen to all the way to the end.

Excellent work - keep it up.

Oh, here’s an idea. How about involving the listener in the conversation eg. あたまがいいです. You are clever. あたまがいいです. How do you say “You are clever”? … (wait 3 seconds) あたまがいいです.

Cheers ひとみさん


Thank you for your comment.
I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed my voice.
I belong to an English theatrical group and I love acting!
Your idea is really interesting, I will definitely think about it.
I will make my course as easy as possible but all in different style.

Don’t miss the next episode!

今日は ひとみ先生

I like this course. It’s the least frightening of the beginner courses and it’s really fun to listen to.

It would be cool if there were kanji readings too. Just to get used to them.



Thank you for your comment.
Yes, Kanji script for Nihongo Course now available in the Library.
If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.
I will try to do my best to make it better for the learners.


That was fast! Thank you. =)