Hit Lingq'd by misteke

I hit by misteke Lingq’d and 580 new words change their status. Can I undo this?

You can find the answer by clicking on the question mark in the right top corner of the page. This is always a good idea.

Unfortunately you cannot undo this. But you can create a LingQ for each white word when you highlight it. But now you have to figure out on your own which words you really don’t know. Search all words that are now white in this text and create LingQs for them. This will help.

@Peteris - As Vera says, it is not a problem if you hit this button by accident. Simply highlight the words you don’t know and then hover over them to see the blue hint popup and create your LingQs. As you create LingQs, these words will be removed from your Known Words total and will show up yellow and be added to your Vocabulary section for review.