History of English Podcast

Hello everybody!

I would like to share with you an podcast that I found recently.

The website of the podcast is: http://historyofenglishpodcast.com/

The podcast is about the History of the English Language, that doesn’t include grammar or linguistics, as the author of the podcast says, is all about the History of the Language itself.

I’m currently listening to the episode 12 of the podcast (it has already 48 or 49). The material the author provides it’s amazingly detailed, the sound is very clear and his voice very pleasant to hear, but more than that, for those who are interested in the history of the English language, it’s a complete and very rich source of information, I’m loving to listen each episode.

He begins from the very beginning, before English even existed, from what is now believed to be the ancestor language of many languages spoken in the world today, the Proto-Indo-European language.

Unfortunately, there’s no transcription of the podcasts, but even that way it worth the time listening.