Hints for German

I’ve found this site to be very useful and I’m very glad to have found it. I’m learning German and the flashcards are next to useless because every time I check the answer or ask for a hint, it says “Sorry, this LingQ has no hint.” So I don’t know whether I got it right or wrong. Am I doing something wrong, or is this something that you can correct.

Thanks for your time.

For your Flash Card to work properly you need to have both a Hint (meaning) and a phrase in your LingQ box. When you save a word, a dictionary pops up. You should highlight and copy, or double click and drag, the dictionary translation that you prefer into the Hint space.

In the future we will automate this so that the first word in the dictionary automatically slots into Hint, and then you can go back into the Dictionary and edit it if you prefer another definition or Hint.

Do not attempt to edit your LingQ boxes in Vocabulary since that is very slow right now (that will change). Do it from your WorkDesk or from your Flash Cards. From the LingQ widget you can always click on Dictionary to look up the words and edit your Hint, just as you can always click on Examples to find more suitable phrases. You can and should edit some of these phrases.

Thanks Steve, of course it was staring me in the face. I’m having a much easier time now and I’m enjoying the site more than ever.

No problem. By the way, what is your level in German? Which contents are you using?

I am a beginner. I know a few basic phrases and words from a brief class that I took last year, but I have a long way to go before I hit intermediate.

I have some cardboard books for children that I’m working on right now, but within LingQ I’m working on Steve’s Tipps, Über das Lernen von Wörtern and Einkaufen, Teil 1 - Vorbereitung. I chose these things without much thought. Now that I’m a bit more familiar with the site and sure that I’ll proceed here I think that I’ll pick far more deliberately.

I think that Irene has done a great job creating content. I would go through all of her beginner and easy content, even if it is easy.By the time you digest all of that we will have more advanced material for you.

Irene is a volunteer, an English learner on LingQ. She would be delighted to get any feedback from you or other German learners.

Irene really ought to be congratulated on a great job for her content. I’m sure the beginner and intermediate learners will benefit a lot from it.

Hi Chris,
I’m really happy to hear that because I have fun to help.

You know, we have to places for writing in German (Ask the tutor and open forum). I cannot be a tutor but I look often on these places an I will give you help whenever you need.

If you want to have a content about a topic you are interested in, let me know! I will see what I can do.

Sorry for being slow to respond. Irene, I have already benefited from your material. Thank you for helping to create such a wonderful resource. I’m taking Steve’s advice and going through the beginner and easy content, which has been very helpful so far.

Hi Irene,
Great content, you speak clearly and the material you provide is excellent.
However, I do find that you speak too slow for me (although a true beginner will find the speed fine for the words too hard)

I was coming to the forum to actually complain about the dictionary function for German which is not very good. Perhpas using a different source (dict.leo) would be better?

Anyway, nice site, hope our input helps!