Hints created by other users

As now I use Russian section of LingQ to work at my Bashkir, and Bashkir uses Cyrillic alphabet, I wonder will my Hints for Bashkir words be shown to other users.
The problem is that there are several words in Bashkir (not so much) that are written exactly the same as some words in Russian, but have completely different meaning.
When I work at Bashkir, I set dictionary preferences as “Russian to Russian”. But it seems that when I switch to Japanese (and set preferences to “Japanese to English”) and then switch to Bashkir, preferences are changed automatically to “Russian to English”. Of course, I am not sure, but I noticed several times, that when I hover words like “бар” (“to be”, “to exist” in Bashkir, and “a bar” in Russian) users hints “bar”/ “a bar” are shown to me. I suppose that when my dictionary preferences are “Russian to Russian”, these hints should not be shown, as it seems these hints were created at “Russian to English” section…
Hmm… I can’t explain… In two words: will my hints, created with “Russian to Russian” preferences, be shown to users with “Russian to English” dictionary preferences?
If not, why I see them? When I change dictionary language for one language, are they changed for other language too?

I don’t know if LingQ filters hints based on dictionary preferences. When I’m working on Japanese I get a lot of hints in Portugese (?) and when I’m working in French I get some hints in Japanese.

I also get a lot of hints working in Japanese - English which I suspect are just plain wrong. It’s all part of LingQ’s rich tapestry :wink:

LingQs are displayed based on Dictionary Language. Cakypa, if you study Bashkir in the Russian section and have English set as your dictionary language, this will cause those hints to show up for all other people studying Russian with English selected as their dictionary language if the Bashkir and Russian words are the same. If your dictionary language is Russian, those hints will show up for others whose dictionary language is Russian. Of course, over time only the 3 most popular hints are displayed so the less popular, incorrect hints or hints in another language should gradually be filtered out.

I’ve also got hints (real hints now, not just dictionary suggestions) in languages other than English/Swedish, at least when I’ve been working on German and Russian (not sure about Chinese).

I do not see this as a problem. I get them too. Of all the issues that we have in front of us, occasionally seeing translations in a strange language is not a big problem to me. I might want to start learning Bashkir!

Steve, Bashkir is very-very interesting with all its suffixes. There are suffixes not only for plural or neganive, but for possessive form too!
“my mother” is one word in Bashkir :slight_smile: And even “It turned out that he did …” is a one word too!!! A small root with a lot of suffixes.