Hint bug with 'fi' words in Italian

For some words in Italian - apparently always words with ‘fi’ in them - the hints don’t work properly for me using LingQ v5.0.4 on iOS (examples attached).

Any idea what is causing this / how to fix it?

That’s a bug. I’ll let our developers know, we will get it fixed.

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@jungleboy Could you email us from the app (Settings → App → Email Support) and provide a link from the website to the lesson you’re using there?

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I have also had this problem…particularly from one specific site. If I download directly to my computer, the ‘fi’ are missing in all word. If I copy and paste the text from the same site, it does not seem to be a problem.

I sent the email, thanks. The lesson from which I sent the email through the app is this one:

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Thank you!

@Idahomom @jungleboy It appears these "fi"s are being imported as ligatures, i.e. a single joined “fi” character instead of “f” “I”. We’ll look at a fix, but in the meantime please manually edit those lessons to fix them.

Thanks. They’re imported private lessons in my case, so I guess manually adding my own hints doesn’t help anyone else. Would the file type of the imported ebook have anything to do with it? What is the ideal file type? (These were PDF.)

PDF files should work fine, and since we never heard of similar issue before, I assume it’s something specific to that one file you imported. In case you notice it again with any other file, please send me the file to support(at)lingq.com and we will look into it.