Highlighted words

It happens occasionally after saving the unknown words then updating an item that all the words I just saved are no longer highlighted. It happened to me once several days ago and it just happened again. I need to reclick on those same words.

Did you hit your LingQ limit? Something similar happened to me and that was the cause of the problems…

Apparently, there is a bug there that occurs sometimes caused by strange characters in the text. We are going to be working on the Lessons page next so give us a few weeks on this. :slight_smile:

I think it has happened to me too.

The highlighting itself can sometimes be very random, let’s say that I’ve saved a certain amount of words, and then just see a fraction of them highlighted.

Another slightly related thing is that when I study a lesson with a lot of LingQs, enter/edit info, and reclick the same words (since you don’t have a pop-up dictionary, and since the meaning doesn’t stick at once), I find that the info I just might have entered (and forgotten) is nowhere to be found. So I have have to enter everything again, maybe several times. This does not happen when I’m in the vocab section, but during the first stage this isn’t an alternative since I don’t have the text in front of me…

So, I open a random lesson, click on a highlighted LingQ (with no info), write something, save, open another LingQ (edit…save), open the first LingQ again - empty fields (despite the fact that I just entered something).

I wrote this to Mark too and he gave me the answer that is written here above yours. I think we have to wait for a solution :slight_smile:

It occurs to me only when I delete an item. So I avoid to delete items when I still have to insert other LingQs. I postpone the deleting to the end.

It seems as it were a problem connected to the buffer of the database.


Does this also happen when you archive a lesson? Or, only when you delete?

I think, it occurs, when you delete a just created LingQ.

When I delete a lingQ that I have just LingQed, but not saved.

It happens sometimes that I select a word, then I press LingQ buttom, but I decide to delete it without saving.
When I do like that the words saved in the same session of study are no more highlighted, while the words saved before the last session are still highlighted.

I don’t understand how this is possible but you’re right! :frowning: This is only happens in IE7. If you use Firefox or Safari, this doesn’t happen. There must be a bug introduced by a recent Microsoft update. We will look into it. In the meantime, if you can, try downloading and using Firefox.

Thank’s very much Mark

I believe this happened because IE7 caches AJAX responses (surprise-surprise!). I’ve tweaked the server settings a little bit to prevent that. Could you please try again and check if the problem disappeared?

I had time to try it out only once, but I couldn’t experience it any more. I actually use IE7. Thanks very much.