High CPU Usage While Idling

This thread is probably most relevant to your software developers.

I had opened a lesson, then had to switch over to some work, but started to notice my (often silent) laptop fan whirring. This led me to check Chrome’s process manager, at which point I saw CPU usage of the Lingq tab ranging from 130-150, which is a lot considering my high-spec hardware (ThinkPad T14 G2/Ryzen 5850u/32GB).

Being a software developer, I couldn’t help but check into it a bit. It turns out that raven.js (Sentry monitoring) was calling a function more than once per millisecond, non-stop.

The url and the call stack are visible in this screenshot:

The console also included a 410 error and entries from raven.js, accumulating at a rate of several hundred per second.
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 410 () https://script.crazyegg.com/pages/scripts/0028/5977.js?454482
raven.js:80 Rewind

I’m running the latest Chrome 95 on Fedora 34.

The issue was reproduceable after reloading Lingq, navigating to this lesson (for which the video automatically played), entering sentence mode, going back and forth between sentences, then switching to the paged view. It took a bit of this clicking around before I saw the CPU usage spike again, so I’m not sure which specific thing triggered it.

If you’re unable to reproduce it, or need more debugging on my end, let me know!


Thanks. I’ll ask our developers to look into this.