Hidden posts on forum?

I noticed discrepancies between the Posts count on (sub)forum homepage and the number of posts I actually see. For example, at the moment the Support Forum homepage says that the threads “Flash cards are buggy” and “Audio are missing” have 5 and 3 posts respectively, while I see only 3 and 2. Are there posts that I do not see, or is the Posts count unreliable?

I’m puzzled. As soon as I posted this message the count says that there are 2 messages and there has been 2 views, that can’t be right.

This is an idiosyncracy of our forum that we have not yet fixed. It does not affect the learning process so it is not high on our list of things to do.

Understood. Thanks for answering.

What motivated me to ask is that there is a member writing thread in the Chinese ask tutor forum that doesn’t have any reply while having a 12 post count. Initially I thought the responses were removed.
But I agree, this does not affect learning.

12 would be unusual. Usually the first post shows up as 2 for some reason.