Hidden new words problem (with picture)

Here I have an example of this problem. It´s in this lesson: Login - LingQ
Note how I have read all the chunks, but it still says there are 5 unknown words.


Yes, I’ve had that too. Clicking complete lesson usually moves them all to known.

Yes, it´s a known problem that several users have run into at times. I just wanted to provide @zoran with a clear example, which user, which lesson and so on. I have not clicked “next” so the lesson still appears like this when I open it. Maybe that can help the people at LingQ pinpoint the issue.

Thanks, that one should be fixed now. We expect this issue to be gone for good after we release 5.0 update.


It is weird in a different way now. I´ll email you what it looks like when I open the link now.

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Same Problem! Can anyone tell me how to fix this Problem?

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Please email me a lesson you noticed that problem in to support(at)lingq.com

I have exactly the same problem. As requested by the helpdesk I sent them (twice) a link of one of the lessons where this occurs, but I haven’t heard back from them.

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@Cardamine We are looking into it.