Hi, I'm new to LingQ and I have questions

I’m sorry if these questions have been answered already.

  1. I’m assuming uploading lessons with content that I do not own should not be shared. Therefore I’m making several private lessons. Is this correct?
  2. Is there a way to share private lessons with friends? I’ve heard there was a way at one point, but I can not figure out how to share the lessons. Yes, we are studying the same language, but she is not a paying member yet.
  3. Is there a limit to the number of lessons that I can create?
  4. If I have to (or choose to) delete lessons any known words associated with those lessons will be lost as well. Correct?

I really using your services. Thanks.

Hello darawascott. Welcome to LingQ!

  1. That’s correct, you are not allowed to share copyrighted material in LingQ Library and you need to keep this lessons private and have them on your account for your personal use only.
  2. For now this option is available for Membership groups only. For example we have teachers on the site with whole classes of students as LingQ members, and in their case we create a group so that teacher can share lessons with his group of students only.
  3. Since you are Premium member, you can create as many lessons as you want, both private and public. Free accounts can have maximum 5 Private lessons.
  4. No, if you remove a lesson, that will not affect known words or LingQs (yellow words) you created in that lesson. LingQs will stay on My Vocabulary page on the site, while known words will also stay in your stats and will continue to appear white in other lessons.

Thank you very much.