Hi, im new and id like to make friends from around the world!

Hey everyone! Im Sara 20 years old i speak 4 languages (Arabic English French and Hebrew) not that good at the last one so far, now im learning russian (a tough one) i still only know the basics like greetings. Eitherways i just joined this site and my goal is to meet people from all over the world and make friends online, so if youre interested we can get to know each other and chat, i use skype, only for chat and friendship, im kind of introverted and i only have friends online, strangely the friends i met online happened to be way better than the friends i had in real. So its just to chat and at the same time learn,i can also help you with one of the languages mentioned above, and i d be pleased with some help in Russian or additional help in the languages mentioned above. So if you are interested feel free to leave your skype name otherwise you can ask me for mine! Im interested in swimming, martial arts, sports, weapons and swords, computers, astronomy, human anatomy,mathematics, physics, science and languages.(literally everything) I like them all but not really good at them all. xD


oh nice , whats your skype name ? :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m Ae Jung, I know four languages- English, Chinese, Bengali, and Hindi. I’m learning Korean here ( guess why ? BTS ) I have a 4d personality, and yes, I may not be at ALL from this world ( just kidding ! ). But I really like making new friends, and I’d very much like it if you wanted to be one of mine. I like drawing, doing weird things, listening to music, singing, dancing, etc. etc. Fun fact about me : I can climb UP a tree, but I just can’t seem to get back DOWN.

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we can be friends a i wanna pracitce my english and french ; do you have skype

I’m soo glad you wanted to be my friend, Dany !!! What’s your age ?
And i would also really like it if you told me when you’re online here. We can chat, and I can help you with your English and French too ! And I would simply love it if you taught me Bulgarian. Let me know, won’t you, Dany ? ( Warning, I am supercurious and I also have an overdose of cuteness! )

yeah I could help in bulgarian we can talk in skype and chat is it ok ? my skype is : live:.cid.c15976453348140d

Welcome to Lingq

If you are looking to make friends online then I think you are at the right place. This is a quite international forum and I have a feeling that it’s going to become lot more international in the coming years. I can say that being active, taking small steps and reading will do wonders for your self-confidence and stretch limits of what you are capable of. I also have lots of different interest such as politics, history, traveling, food and wine much more.

I am also writing a sort of blog here on the Lingq, this year has been the year I have taken control of my life after many years of suffering and depression. Lots of my struggles have been due to the fact that people don’t understand introverts.

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Yeah, of course it’s OK ! And I’m afraid I can only chat on skype, I can’t video call.

And also, we may not stay online at the same time, because our times aren’t the same ! My time is 2 hours 30 minutes ahead of your time.

You are a really good friend to talk to, you know.
But you still didn’t tell me your age.

I m 20 years old

And after I say this you’re probably gonna unfriend me.
I’m like, SO younger than you ! I’m 13.
BUT I would like it if you still remained friends, big boy.
Will I text you in Skype ?
My name’s different there, but i WILL mention my username so you understand that it’s me who’s texting, and not some other kid.