Hi, I want to speak

Hi, my name is Yuded

Who is on line?

Hi, I´m Francisco. I´m live in Malaga. Spain

Hi, I am Maria luz Forero I live in Calgary Canada. whom is line to tolk to me i need to improve my english because is very poor thank so much

Hi Francisco, my name is Yuded and I’m live in Dominican Republic

To lulu53, I Would like to talk.

Hi, do you have MSN or Skype account?

Yes. I Have. I’ll send you. A moment please.

To ylluveres. Mi MSN is: j_sl_rre@.hotmail.com

Hi everybody, my name V.Hieu.

Hi everybody!!!
Nice to meet you…

Hi Fernanda

hey I am GRM, I want to improve my English, what can I do?

hi all, i’m joseph, Can I joint to your MSN or skype? Hopefully, I need to practice my English in this forum.

Hi jootje

hi all, also i need to improve my English, what i do?

Hi.i see everybody from differant countries here,that’s great.lets communicate and get to know eachother a lil bit more.im max

Hi,my name is Elena and i live in Madrid Spain I´d like to speak with English people or American for I will inprove my English.I love to speak with them in spanish if they are interesting too .
Thanks so much.my skype is elencoego or my msm is elencoego@hotmail.com

Hi I’m Ahmed . I want to speak to improve my English skills

Hi, this is Paul, I want to make some friends here, I especially desire to speak to improve my English too.
My skype:riderk14, and my msn:nerd1022@hotmail.com
Really nice to meet you here.