Hi From New LingQ Team Member!

Hi LingQ Friends!

My name’s Jahrine and I’m the newest edition to the LingQ team here in Vancouver.

I’m so happy to be a part of this inspiring and supportive community! I’m originally from Wales, UK and so I speak English and some Welsh. I spent three years teaching in Japan, so I also speak some Japanese (though I’m a bit rusty these days).

My goal for 2016 is to resume my French studies and so I’ve started a 90-Day-Challenege. I learned a little in high school, but it wasn’t a positive experience and I remember almost nothing. Do any French speakers/learners have any advice? What are some difficulties I might encounter at the beginning?

What are your language learning goals for this year?

I hope you’re all enjoying a positive start to 2016.



Hello! Congratulations on joining the LingQ team!.

I am from Bristol in the UK, and I’ve been studying japanese as my first L2!

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congrats i too am learning french

Cheers Ben!

I’m from Cardiff, so I know Bristol well.

How’s the Japanese study going? I see you know almost 3000 words – awesome! It’s such a beautiful language. How’s your kanji? I found it so tough to remember them.

Hi Joseph!

Wow, you’re almost 10,000 words in! Have you found any interesting content? I’m hoping to be eventually watch movies in French without subtitles – I love French film.

Ah, Cardiff? What inspired your move to Canada, if you don’t mind me asking?

The japanese is going well! I can finally understand so many of these podcasts I had been interested in. But my plan is to finally actually visit Japan in July!

I’m closing in on Intermediate 2 here at LingQ. I care less about the words and more about buying new things for my grown up Avatar though haha.

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Learning French…just listen and read all the time. My best advice though is to get proper content. What i do is copy down the subtitles from things like youtube’s Easy French series of real speakers on the street, and save the audio.

Getting real input is key, none of these fake conversations where it’s scripted and recorded in a studio somewhere - nobody in France talks like that.

Also, be aware of which sort of French you want to speak. ‘regular’ Quebec French is totally different from France French in my opinion. As i live in France i try to just stick to France French.

yeah i’m looking forward to someday being able to watch movies and listen to french music i’ve found a lot of various interesting content on here .i’m hoping to import something soon

I too am looking for things to import. I’ll let you know if I find anything interesting :slight_smile: The things I find will likely be too easy for you though!

I don’t mind you asking at all: I met my husband in Japan and he’s from Vancouver. I love the UK, but I’m a lover of the outdoors (rock climbing, hiking, fishing, foraging, etc.) and there are so many opportunities to do those things here.

You will love Japan! It’s the most amazing place. I miss it all the time.

There is no shame in wanting to provide for your avatar, ha!