Hi From Emmanuel Katto (Learning French)

Hi All, I am Emmanuel Katto from Uganda. I’ve started learning French and I just joined this community. If there anyone who can tell me in how many days I can learn Proper French I spend 2-3 hours daily.

Emmanuel Katto


I’m not sure what you mean by Proper French. When I started learning French, I thought your question (mine too) had a straightforward answer. I no longer believe so.

There are so many aspects to language – vocabulary, grammar, listening, pronouncing, creating sentences, etc. – and one can be good at this but not that.

But if you are talking about some level of competency beyond survival French – asking directions, ordering a meal – to me it looks like several thousand hours.

I think it is comparable to learning a musical instrument.

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Welcome Emmanuel, and good luck on your journey !

French can be challenging, so you’ll need some time. When I was young, I had a Pakistani friend who came to France without speaking a word of French. We spent all day together, and in three months, he was able to express his thoughts, and within a year, he was proficient in speaking with us without difficulty.
So, you won’t spend all day long and you are not a child, so maybe you can add one year to be fluent :wink:

Bonne chance !

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Good evening Emmanuel,

 I don't think there are some magic numbers we can provide you. 

The best would be to use lingq during a few months and see at which pace you are progressing. Set your target and estimate how long it will take to achieve it.

For instance it took me 18 months for 12000 words in Ukrainian. If I estimate I need 36000 words to achieve my goal it will take me 3 more years. It is based on my learning speed.

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