Hi. Different people, different cultures, different attitudes - it's wonderful


My name is Diana. I am from Lithuania and my native language is Lithuanian. For this moment I live in New Zealand (already 3 months, from 11/08/2011). I love to communicate, to meet different people, to feel different cultures, to understand different attitudes concerning a lot of things in the life. It’s really very interesting and exciting. I believe that love, joy and beauty is everywhere in the world. We have just to notice them.

Let me introduce my small, but smart country - Lithuania:

It would be very nice to hear something interesting about your country or about you in this topic.

Have a nice day and see you soon in this forum,

It was a nice documentary video about your country. Lithuania sounds like a progressive country.

As far as my native country Pakistan is concerned, it used to be a part of India before 1947. So it was one of the newest and underdevloped countries on the world map. It is still a third world country, lots of corruption by various politicians, lots of terrorism issues caused by foreign terrorists since it has a huge border with neighboring country Afghanistan. Lots of illegal immigrants come from there. Sort of like Mexico-USA thing. No Visa. No passport. Then , we have to grapple with other issues like price inflation, poverty, lack of education resources and a little poor infrastructure as compared to advanced countries.

Given a lack of resources available in every facet of life , Pakistan has achieved a lot in every field based on natural talent. Pakistan won world cups in Hockey, Cricket, becomes a nuclear country, even one of our scientists won a nobel prize.

However, it is a small country with lots of issues to grapple with. What I have found is that life is more interesting and rewarding when people struggle and face problems on a daily basis. I have been to developed countries and life was quite boring there because there were no issues to tackle with on a daily basis and every thing was done in a timely fashion. That’s about it.

Hi, Diana!
I agree with you, that communication with people from different countries is very interesting. It is a good possible to understand many things better and to know new amazing facts. Thanks for interesting video about the Lithuania.

Something about Czech republic. Beer Nation - YouTube

Hi, Asad100101, Ksenia and Makacenko,

Thank you for your posts in this topic. Now I know much more about Pakistan and Czech Republic.

Asad100101: your description about Pakistan is full of reality. I liked it very much. Can you write something about yourself or in what are you interested in? You look very interesting person.

Ksenia: nice to meet you :slight_smile: I can speak Russian too :slight_smile: Not perfect, not like native speaker, but can understand and can answer. I am looking forward to here some information about your beautiful country, the people who live there and of course about you.

Makacenko: thanks for amazing video about Czech republic. It’s fantastic! I watched this video 2 times. You are not only a beer nation, but also very creative nation with good sense of humor :slight_smile: Tell something about yourself, about your ideas concerning life :slight_smile:

Have a beautiful day,

-=Second Lithunian introduction=- Only foreign can imagine that Lithuania is a great country…Of course Lithunia has got a great history, but now we live in twenty first century and us need to talk about nowadays. The better way is to create a video about Lithuanian policy and of course to ask Lithunian pensioner what do they think about Andrius Kubilius… I DO NOT think that they will brag that ***** :slight_smile: Only foreign brag Lithuania at first sight. Besides, I hope that I will create another introduction about Lithunia later… Thank you for attention :slight_smile:

The most important thing in learning languages is the knowledge about different cultures, peoples and differents way to do the same thing.
When we’re learning a new language we are not just learning how comunicate with, but learning see the world in a different way.

I’m from a beautiful place Brazil and
if you do not know here we speak portuguese.

Hi, Lucas,

Nice to see you in this topic. I totally agree with you :slight_smile: Can you tell more about Brazil?

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Hi everybody, I’m Italian and I love know different cultures, peoples and improve my english. I’m just here for that. My country, in this moment, is in a bad, in term of political and economic. However it is a beuatiful country. I believe all countries are beautiful but they often don’t works. Sorry for my bad english, but I’m still learning. Returning to my country, for example, I live in Sicily which is known for the “mafia”. In effect the “mafia” is a big problem, but even bigger is the problem of our political. Sometimes I imagine how our country would be like without all these problems. I believe that is a problem of all countries of the world.

Everyone write here because they want to improve them languages skills. I don’t think that people should talk here about them country etc… We live in twenty first century and I have wrote this message because I would like to introduce one very good internet page it’s called GooGLe (IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW) there you can find everyting about others countries and of course there is a lot of information about everything. Thanks for attention :slight_smile:

Hi, Guido,

Nice to see to you here :slight_smile: Your English is not bad :slight_smile: Thanks for message about Italy.

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@lingqqqenglish - Our members are quite happy to discuss and tell each other about their cultures. If you don’t want to participate, go troll on another site. If your next post on this forum is in the same negative tone, your account will be deleted.

Wonderful Lithuanian painter and musician - M.K. Čiurlionis.
I like his paintings very much and want to share with you.
Few moments of beauty :slight_smile:




You’re totally wrong.

People here like to share experiences and information about all.
If you do not like this topic does not have to participate and not to say that people here are just for practice, you do not know if I’m only here to practice my English, how can you say that everyone here just to practice? you know everybody here?

Brazil definitely is a beautiful place to live.
Some people see on TV that Brazil is a country very dangerous but that’s not true.
The country is beautiful, the brasilians are the people more happy of the world.
Here all kind of people have jobs,and the economic crisis is far from here.
Politicians here is not so good, but it happens in all countries.

Here the video “welcome to São Paulo” where I live here in Brazil.
Sao Paulo, cidade em movimento. HD - YouTube =related

the famous pleace here in São Paulo.
- YouTube =related

Thanks for sharing videos. Your city is really huge and modern! I like it! :slight_smile:
The first video is amazing, especially music and the main idea. Speed and the moments! Great!

@mark - Really? Wow… I can’t believe that somebody is gonna kick my ass out… The better way is to ban me from here it doesn’t matter :slight_smile:

Personally for me, I consider that this topic is not dedicated only for sharing information about native countries, I believe that it is one of different ways which can help to improve language skills in this case writing, for each of us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

thanks for your comment :slight_smile:


Amazing videos. Sao Paulo is fascinating. I would play these kinds of videos at schools. Kids would remember cities in better way at geography classes.