Hey, where is my speaking award?

I had a conversation in Spanish the other day with one of the LingQ tutors, and it shows in my progress bar, but I did not receive my speaking award on my avatar. Is there a delay for these?

@odiernod - You should have received it by now. We are looking into it. Sorry about that.

Any update? it still doesn’t appear in my avatar window

Still not working, eh? We’ll have to take another look at this issue…

No, opening it up completely (i.e. allowing users to manually adjust values) makes it too easy to manipulate the system and there’s not really a good middle-ground.

I was expecting an answer like that, hehe. In the same way as avatar credits are given for LingQs created on the site, speaking and writing awards are given for conversations and writings done through the site. I’ve certainly got a lot more speaking hours than my Avatar shows, but I can manually add in hours to my stats to give me a good representation of that. :slight_smile:

We’re hoping to spend more time on the Avatar soon to add items for users who have already maxed out. Stay tuned for updates!

@odiernod - We found the bug. It was set to display after more than 1 conversation instead of more than 0. It should be there now if you go to your Lessons page and refresh. Sorry about that!