Helping a friend with an old manuscript

I posted this message on Facebook a while ago, but no one could really help me, so I will try to post it here, as well.

“Hi everyone! A friend of mine asked me for a favour, but I cannot help him, so I thought I would write his request here, where other language-lovers and polyglots may be able to help. His question is: Do you know anyone who can identify an old manuscript (probably in Yiddish) and translate it? Does anyone have an answer (possibly a positive one)? Thanks!”

So, can anyone help him?

What kind of script is used?

No idea, but I suppose it’s not written in Latin alphabet, since it needs to be deciphered. I will ask him.

My Yiddish isn’t perfect, but I can look at it. Even if it’s written in Hebrew script and isn’t Yiddish, I’d be able to transcribe it. So, if it turns out to be Judeo-Spanish a Spanish speaker and I could work it out together.

@Michele: It would help if you scan the document (or at least one page of it) and share it on the Internet. Than everyone who is willing can have a glance on it and decide if he/she is able to provide help.

@Vera: maybe it wasn’t clear that I don’t have that manuscript myself. That friend lives in Poland and I don’t know if he does have it himself or if he’s trying to help someone else.

@Imyirtseshem: thanks for your help offer. I will get back to you as soon as I know more.

If from Poland, it’s most likely to be Yiddish but a chance of being Hebrew.