Help with weird French sentences

These sentences are from the very first page of ‘Les vacances du petit Nicolas’.

‘Tous les ans, c’est-à-dire le dernier et l’autre, parce qu’avant c’est trop vieux et je ne me rappelle pas…’


‘Je ne veux rien savoir pour aller à l’hotel et manger de la nourriture minable.’

I’m in a weird position where i kind of get what they mean (i think) but cannot translate them at all.

I think the first sentence means something like ‘Every year, well at least last year and one other, because before it was too long ago and I don’t remember…’ Is this in the right ball park? I don’t really understand the usage of ‘le dernier et l’autre’ or ‘c’est trop vieux’ in this context.

For the second, i understand it as something like ‘I want to know nothing of going to a hotel and eating rubbish food.’ Here i don’t understand the usage of ‘rien savoir’ or ‘pour aller’.

Help! Thanks in advance.

Every year, that is the last one and the one before that one. Its children’s talk
I don’t want to hear about about going…
So, you understood well enough

Ah cool thanks very much!