Help with a feature on the android app

A few months ago I was able to listen to playlists on my phone and when the lesson was played through, it would go the next lesson automatically and play the audio. The problem is that it doesn’t do that anymore. I have looked in the settings on both my computer and my phone, but I can’t seem to find anything that changes it. A little help would be greatly appreciated.

Playlists have been removed from the website unfortunately. Not sure why.

Playlists don’t work on my android phone with the latest app (yes, I’ve tried reinstalling). When I click on a playlist, it shows me an empty screen with the play/ffwd/rewind buttons.

It’s a shame because I only recently discovered how useful they are/were.

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That’s a real shame. Hopefully they’ll bring it back. Thanks for answering.

@Axelander, you can use “Add to Guided Course” option on website to add all lesson you want into one course which will appear on “My Imports” page. This option is pretty similar to Playlists.
@gregf and Axelander I’ve just checked android app on my device and Playlists works fine for me. To create new Playlist, just long click on a lesson, and you’ll have an option to create New Playlist or to add lesson into existing Playlist.
Which device are you using gregf?