Help Us Win a Design Contest!

Hi Everyone,

I have recently entered LingQ in a design contest for our site redesign from earlier this year. The contest is for websites who completed a recent design project using service providers, designers, developers etc… from Odesk, an online services marketplace.

Help our design win the contest by voting early and voting often! Click on this link, Log into Facebook, to cast your vote.

Winning the contest should help us promote LingQ so any help is much appreciated!

I am not a member of facebook, so I can’t vote, but I do think the site redesign is great!

Thanks, Aybee! I didn’t realize you needed to be a Facebook member to vote. You would think they could find a more easily accessible voting system.

Hey Mark, I just voted! It seems as though one is only able to vote once.

Thanks, Nick! I believe you are allowed to vote once per day. I’ve voted on a few different days myself. :wink:

Ok, sweet! I’m on facebook everyday so I’ll just keep voting!

I just voted lah. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thanks.