Help please!

If i upgrade to a premium account and pay 10 dollars each month,if after 1 month exactly and i haven’t paid yet,Will all my lings over 100 be deleted?

Thank you!

We never delete any LingQs. When your account is downgraded you are only prevented from creating more LingQs.

Hallo, ich habe drei Arbeiten an den Tutor gesendet, aber niemand meldet sich, ich bekomme keine Antwort, Wieso?

@Karsva - To submit writings for correction, you will actually need to have some points. You can earn points by sharing lessons or tutoring other members, or you can purchase points from the Points page (Login - LingQ). When submitting a writing, be sure to select a tutor and click “Submit”, as this will then send it to the tutor to be corrected.