Help Page on Levels Very Confusing

The Help page for the Avatar and Levels (Intermediate 2, Advanced 1, etc.) is very confusing. It says you need X number of words in a certain language to reach that level. Yet, if you go to the store, it will tell you that you are already at the level the Help page says you’re chasing and that you need so many words to reach the NEXT level. The numbers are the same, but it the levels are labeled differently in each place. Beginner 1 in one place is Beginner 2 in the other.

I hope I’ve explained that well!

For example, I have 12,423 words in Korean as I write this. My Avatar Store page tells me my current level is Intermediate 2 and I need 2,127 words to reach the next level. Yet, the Help page says you need 14,550 to reach Intermediate 2. If the Store page is supposed to be telling you the next target, it should say so!

(By the way, I love the idea of the levels and the growing Avatar. It is definitely a motivator. So, don’t take this as a criticism of the system.)

Hi JDHaliKY,
With 12.423 known words you are already Intermediate 2 level, and when you reach 14.550 words you will master that level and go up to Advanced 1 level.
Hope this helps!