Help on video I did in Ukrainian


I did a few video in Ukrainian with the hope I will get feedbacks from Ukrainian people. Seing how youtube works my video will never be seen. Those video were quite hard to do as I’m still limited in what I can say. I choosed langague theme as it’s the area where I have the most active vocabulary.

If one of our good Ukrainian people could give some feedbacks that would be great.

Hello Nicolas, you are doing great! To be honest I am impressed:) Not really sure what kind of feedback I can provide you, but one thing which seems to be true is that you are on the right way. Keep up the good work!


Hi Pavlo,

I was thinking about strange cases when I use “У мене…” instead of “я” or other things I have not noticed. Thanks for the positive feedbacks: it does help !

It’s an interesting mystake this “У мене…” instead of “я”. When you start Ukrainian that’s one of the first structure you see. I think my brain associated to “I”. I know it’s totally incorrect. When my control gets lower you have that kind of construction appearing in what I say.