Help me, questions in English

Hello friends of LingQ, I study English more or less six months and I need help.

What word to use (no, not or don’t)?

Thank you!

This depends on what you are saying. I am not sure about your question. Maybe you can make a full sentence.

In general no is used with nouns, like this is no joke. It also can be used as an answer: Are you German? No, I am English!
Don’t is used for rules, if something is forbidden: Don’t drink the water, it looks dirty! But it can also be used like this: I don’t belong here! In this case the verb is negated.
Not is used in front of nouns, if they are preceeded by an article, a quantifying word like much, or a pronoun: This is not my car. He cannot be the right.guy. School is not much fun.
Not is also used in front of an adjective. For example: This is not funny!

Hope this helps a bit.

I´d like to add that “don´t” is a combination of “do” and “not”.

“Do you play the guitar?” - “No, I don´t”.
“Do you like football?” - “No, I don´t”

Muito obrigado isso me ajudou. tchau tchau

Not faz a negativa de alguns verbos, como be, verbos auxiliares dos tempos compostos (have), do futuro (will), do condicional (should) e dos chamados modal verbs (can, may, might, must…)
don’t/doesn’t é usado para formar a negativa da maior parte dos outros verbos: sing, eat, travel, do, smoke, só para mencionar alguns.

I don’t smoke.
I have never smoked.
He is not smoking now.

Thank you for your help. bye bye

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