Help me about Czech language please..!

For few months i am learning Czech language, but this time i have a confusion about saying to someone you like her/him. My question is if a man is saying to a woman ‘‘Mam te rad.’’ and woman responding like ‘‘Mam taky rada’’ does that mean they are in some romantic situation or they just like each other as friends?

Woman responds: “Mám tě taky ráda.”
It depends on situation/context. And of course it depends on tone of the voice. You need to recognize it by the way of smiling, looking at you etc. In Czech it can be romantic, but it can be also friendly. You have to identify the feelings by yourself.

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At first thank you for replying :slight_smile: I think the situation is the man has romantic interest and says mam te rad, and is it possible on woman side to saying same but like the way ‘’ i like you as a friend, i am with somebody else, so no thanks’’ ? In the situation woman says mam taky rada after mam taky rada she says she wants to be with the person who currently she is and she is happy with who she is with, So does that makes it a kind friendly reject?

Dekuju :slight_smile:

It’s possible :slight_smile: And I think it’s a friendly reject.

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Moc dekuju! :slight_smile: